cpan2pkg reaches maturity

i finally took some time to work on app::cpan2pkg - and i'm happy to report that it now chains upstream builds, which means that all basic features are in.

therefore, i just released app::cpan2pkg 1.0.0 on cpan. detailed changelog:
  • updating prereqs + moving on when module installed from upstream
  • splitted module in poe session + worker
  • moved info from app:cpan2pkg to module attributes
  • don't submit on upstream build-system if missing prereqs on it
  • cpan2pkg documentation written
yes, cpan2pkg can build, install, import and automatically build packages from cpan for linux, while following dependencies. does it work? sure, i already used it successfully.

note however that there are some caveats...

the first one of course is that it only supports mandriva currently. this is not a fatality, i expect other distributions (and why not other platforms such as *bsd or solaris) to be handled later on if they want. after all, i'm using cpan2dist underneath to generate the packages, and there exist some backends besides cpanplus::dist::mdv. if you're interested, here's the git repository - and i'm ready to give push rights. heck, if you insist i might even agree to move to github which seems to have all the hype those days.

the second one is that the interface is rather ugly and has a lot of rough edges. i'm waiting for dams to continue his work on curses::toolkit, so i can drop curses::ui::poe. i might also provide a tk or wx version at some point. in the meantime, you have to know the application a bit to understand what's going on. i intend to polish it later on.

finally, the code can be cleaned - but you don't care as a user.

so, that's it. cpan2pkg is live... enjoy!

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