cpan activity

with mandriva linux 2010.0 out, it's time to have a look at cpan activity once again.

version freeze happened on october 1st for mandriva, at which point it wasn't possible to upload new version - unless to fix a bug preventing usage. since we know that cpan modules don't have such bugs[0], it means that almost no perl package was updated till cooker[1] reopening (which happened on november 6th).

so, how many dists needed an update after ~40 days? around 150. yes, 150. on 1685 distributions shipped by mandriva. and some of those were updated more than once...

that's ~10%. a bit less than what was reported in april for mandriva 2009.1, but:
  • this time it's for whole mandriva, not only the packages i'm responsible for
  • freeze was a bit longer for 2009.1
yet another proof of perl community's health.

[0] :-)
[1] cooker is mandriva's development version


  1. good/bad health ? (I hope good)
    what is the Linux distribution with the most cpan modules packaged?

  2. @w: this seems to me a sign of pretty good health to me.

    regarding the linux distrib with most cpan modules, check http://szabgab.com/distributions/. however, the report was generated in 2007, so numbers may not be accurate enough by now. also, take into account that shipping all acme:: modules but not moose might score high on number of modules, but not on interest level...

    mandriva ships ~1600 cpan dists. and if you want some more, i can package them easily for you...