migration to moose - step 3

continuing [0] to port mpd modules to moose - this time it's poe::component::client::mpd turn. in order to do that, i had to fix the tests (using the shiny new test::corpus::audio::mpd) in order to be sure not to introduce regressions.

migration was quite easy, but a bit long. especially since i used a lazy_builder attribute for the connection, leading to commands sent before actual connection took place - and thus the tests failed with a cryptic message from poe::component::client::tcp [1]

the excellent moosex::poe was used too, but not in the connection, since it reuses various components having a more classic way of defining their events.

and now that the base code is moose-ified, i think i'll be able to gain more clarity while leveraging some moose levers.

[0] see this previous post and this one
[1] saying that {server} doesn't have a put method... as opposed as what's documented. but that's because at that time it has not (yet) morphed into a poe::wheel::readwrite. even if i'm at fault for not waiting the connected event, couldn't it provide a better error message?

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