retrospective 2009

2009's over, but the year was quite a busy one for me on the perl front:
  • i finally took the time to investigate moose, and decided to port some of my code to use it.
  • i discovered dist::zilla, and definitely plan to use it in all my dists.
  • i discovered some other cool new perl modules (thanks guys).
  • i uploaded some new dists on cpan, including games::pandemic (which i'm quite proud of, even if i need to continue hacking on it).
  • i updated & released some of my existing dists.
  • i contributed to other projects such as padre, dist-zilla, etc. sending patches is a good way to thank the author for their work.
  • it's even easier to contribute with github, which i'm using more and more for my projects (and it's no more slow by now, woohoo!). of course, git is the master piece allowing this easy sharing.
  • on mandriva's front, i resurrected parrot rpm, and finally shipped rakudo.
  • 2009 was also the year of the great migration to %perl_convert_version
  • ... with lots of new perl modules available as rpm (i am managing 450 of them).
  • ... and finally i took ownership of perl rpm. (thank you perl5 porters btw for 5.10.1 and the push for next stable version!)
so, busy indeed 2009 was... i just hope that 2010 will be as fruitful on the perl front for me, and for the perl ecosystem by large.

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