perl 5.12.0 in mandriva?

final perl 5.12.0 is now available. i updated our spec file in mandriva, and it builds ok both on my machine and mandriva's buildsystem - so i pushed it to main/testing. however, i did not manage to rebuild packages having a dep on perl, for an obscure reason having to do with testing media, bad karma or not enough chicken blood - i don't know exactly which reason is the good one.

i now need to have more thorough testing, in order to see if urpmi & other tools still works with new perl. i don't know if i'll have time before mandriva 2010.1 freeze date. not counting the fact that we'll have to create a c-wrapper to replace suidperl used in one of the draktools.

so, back to the question: perl 5.12.0 in mandriva? yep, "soon" - but maybe "soon" will mean "after 2010.1". note that if you can help testing, "soon" may revert to a true "soon" meaning...

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