random file-homedir bits

no need to present file::homedir, the module to use to retrieve various information such as where is my home, where is my desktop, where are my documents, etc.

since my needs were not all covered, i contacted alias with some of my ideas. he kindly gave me a commit bit so i can scratch my itches at will...

i therefore implemented xdg support for recent unix desktops, with daxim's help. this means that unix platforms with gnome, kde or any recent desktops won't report $HOME as the one and unique answer to all those questions. this feature is available in released file-homedir 0.91 - towards a cleaning of our homedirs, yay!

still in the work (not yet released), i've also checked in a my_dist_data($dist) function, to standardize the directory where the application will store its internal data, such as database or cache. it is located in:
following the now traditional data/vendor/application scheme (on legacy unix desktops, the directory will be $HOME/.perl/dist/$dist/var, to be sure that it's a hidden directory). to be consistent with file::sharedir, i guess i'll also implement my_module_data($module), following the same reasoning.

this will likely be released in version 0.92, before working on the last remaining bit on my plate: my_dist_config($dist), returning a directory where an application will be able to store its configuration. it's a bit different of the data directory (even if config is some kind of data): data is supposed to be transient, or can be removed without harming the app - while the config should not be erased. however, it's not really as straightforward as the data directory, since not all platforms support this: on windows, users are not supposed to update config by hand, so it's often stored in the registry... so how to preserve the cross-distribution nature of file-homedir for this very feature? this will require some thinking...

finally, it's with great pleasure that i'm announcing file-homedir-pathclass, which is a convenient wrapper around file-homedir returning path::class objects. alias did not want to introduce it in file-homedir to preserve compatibility, and suggested to release it as a new dist... so i released this new module, allowing to write for example:
perl -MFile::HomeDir::PathClass=-all -E 'say $_ for my_home()->children'

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