svk cannot be built anymore - EDIT: svk will build with reduced features

while rebuilding perl packages for mageia, i found out that svn::mirror cannot be built anymore with subversion 1.6.x. said like this, one may think "wtf, i don't give a damn to svn::mirror". and lots of other cpan modules are bit-rotting, so what's the point? well, the thing is, svn::mirror is a prereq for svk, the decentralized subversion...

granted, svk has been end-of-lifed in 2009, yet it's still widely in use. but as long as svn-mirror won't get fixed, mageia won't include svk support.

EDIT (20110301): in fact, svn::mirror is an optional prereq for svk - mageia will therefore ship with svk, albeit with a reduced feature set


  1. I'm sure CL would accept a patch, even if he's not actively maintaining it.

  2. @ranguard: i know - unfortunately, i don't have the time to dwelve in svn bindings for perl. i'm just reporting why svk won't be available in mageia.