app::cpan2pkg now on cpan!

app::cpan2pkg 0.3.0 is currently spreading its way on cpan. since it's the first public release, give it some time to propagate.

you should be able to download it soon, and then play with it:

cpan2pkg Foo::Bar Acme::Baz

here's a list of what it's doing:
  • check if module is already installed locally
  • check if module is provided by your distribution
  • install from your distribution if possible
  • find the module prereqs and starts over for each of them
note that only mandriva is supported currently. i intend to support more distribution later on (read: after v1.0.0), but don't hesitate to join the fun if you want to add support for your distro right now!

next steps are synchronizing prereqs, running cpan2dist for the module, importing resulting package into upstream...

since it's a bit rough on the edges (curses::ui is not the best toolkit ever - i'm waiting for your new toolkit dams! hint, hint), i also plan to have a better gui someday...

once again, don't hesitate to ping me if you want to contribute. the git repository is online: clone it, everyone can also push on the mob branch, or i can even give you commit rights on it.

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