converting & rebuilding mandriva perl modules rpm

as time went by, the %perl_convert_version[0] macro in rpm has proven useful to convert perl version number to something that rpm will (should) always be able to parse. i also patched mandriva's perl.prov and perl.req (that automatically extracts requires & provides for perl in rpm packages) to use %perl_convert_version also.

the last step happened this week, when guillomovitch has converted youri checks to also compare newer cpan version with %perl_convert_version. therefore i'm currently migrating the not-yet converted mandriva perl rpm package to use %perl_convert_version also[1]...

expect some problems during installation till all modules are converted. this should be solved soon.

[0] so that eg 1.54 is understood as 1.540.0, and thus greater than 1.470 - as on cpan.
[1] when the build system works! :-)

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