pandemic nearing v1

so games::pandemic 0.8.0 has just been uploaded on cpan. this release saw lots of improvements:
  • diseases can be eradicated
  • performing infection outbreaks
  • detecting game over condition when too many outbreaks
  • allowing player to choose which disease to treat in multi-infected cities
  • return/escape bindings for dialogs
  • tooltips for various game information
  • fix unfair epidemic repartition
  • fix never-ending too many cards / deal more cards when dropping a card but still being beyond max number of cards
  • better dialog for past cards / infections
the game is thus playable, with only 2 things missing to have a full game: augmenting number of infection when epidemic strikes, and special event cards. when those will be done, i'll issue 1.x

of course, this does not mean that game is complete and won't be improved after. for example, the startup dialog to choose the game and player roles, ui improvements, etc. will be post 1.x material.

but in the meantime, enjoy 0.8.0, which is already quite interesting to play.

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