mandriva 2010 coming - which perl modules do you miss?

mandriva's next version (2010.0) is now in version freeze, for a release date in early november. this means that current packages are not allowed to be upgraded to latest version, unless there's a compelling reason to do so (security update, crash or big regression).

there is still, however, the possibility to ship new packages. so if you miss some perl modules in mandriva and you really want them available as rpm packages in 2010.0 version, now is the time to speak up! just add your request as comment to this post, and i'll do my best to fulfill it.


  1. Hi Jerome,
    I would like to see perl-JavaScript added.
    It's used by http://svn.whuffy.com/
    See http://users.on.net/~emerson/perl-JavaScript/


  2. @r:
    i can see that there are already rpms for this module. do you know where the source rpm is? indeed, this module includes some specific questions during configuration that go well beyond perl knowledge (mozilla embedding)... so i'd rather reuse something that work here.

  3. src rpm is http://users.on.net/~emerson/perl-JavaScript/mdv2009.1/perl-JavaScript-1.11-1mdv2009.1.src.rpm

    Version 1.12 is at cpan but I couldn't get it to pass the tests (see the spec).
    (I am http://users.on.net/~emerson).

    Others have wanted x86_64 version on the shepherd (svn.whuffy.com) mailing list but libjs was not included in mdv x86_64 and I run i686. This is the first and only rpm I have ever built from scratch so I'm sure my spec could be improved.

  4. @r
    perl-JavaScript 1.12 available on mandriva cooker. i fixed your specfile that was failing:
    - js shipped by mdv is threadsafe
    - i crafted a patch that should be sent upstream to fix a bug in t/24*.t, where JS_INC was not passed correctly to Inline::C