test::corpus::* namespace

both audio::mpd and poe::component::client::mpd share the same files for their regression test suite. this includes some boring ogg files - weighing around 150 kb. although not that much, those files are duplicated between those 2 modules.

moreover, it means that everytime i upload a fix for one of those modules, i'm taking some more space on cpan for those exact same files - they never ever change...

something had to be done. i therefore wanted to split this raw test data, and put it in a module of its own. the other 2 modules would then get rid of the test data, and require the new one during the tests.

the question was of course how to name this module. i asked module-authors for advices, and david nicol proposed the test::corpus::* namespace.

since the idea is quite sound, i then released test::corpus::audio::mpd with the data (with some fixes to bring it up to mpd 0.15.x). audio::mpd has already been migrated to use this. i still need to do it for pococm, though.

anyway, this post is merely about the announce of the test::corpus:: namespace, to hold your test data instead of putting them in your dists. let us know what you think of it.

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