a progressbar for curses-toolkit

curses::toolkit is the promising toolkit for writing curses applications with perl. it follows a gtk-like api, and supports theming. it is using poe for its event loop (although one can craft its own loop), and currently begins a loose moose conversion.

however, the set of widgets is currently a bit restricted: hbox, vbox, buttons, label, entries, windows... so, i wrote yesterday a progressbar widget. it's a bit difficult to understand at a glance where to put code, but i finally nailed a rough first version - it needs to be polished, though. once a listbox widget will be available, the toolkit will be sufficient for a lot of tasks.

lots of stuff remains to be done of course: moose-ification to get rid of its hand-crafted roles, building a real test suite (how the heck are we supposed to test a curses toolkit?), completing the widget set... volunteers welcome.

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