which module to extract perl prereqs?

in dzil plugin autoprereq, i'm extracting prereqs from the dist modules. i want this extract to be fast, based on the actual code (not makefile.pl or meta.yml, since the goal is to generate them), and as accurate as possible. it should also find base classes, moose roles and other "hidden" dependencies. finally, it should extract the minimum version needed for a given module, including minimum perl version.

my first version was regex-based. i can already see your horrified face - but really it wasn't so bad, since it only needed to find some specific statements such as uses and requires. current version is using ppi, which is better suited for corner cases.

however, long-term makes me think that it would be better to rely on an external module. so, what are the alternatives out there on cpan, and can i use them in autoprereq?
  • b::perlreq - parses the file, but reports file (File/Basename.pm) instead of modules, and is generally more suited for rpm
  • module::extract::use - using ppi to parse a file, but extracts only use & require statements (no inheritance, moose roles, etc). also, it reports no minimum version extraction, only a list of modules.
  • test::dependencies - using either b::perlreq (see above) or a regex scheme underneath
  • module::scandeps - runs the file (which is slow), and finds all modules included - and sometimes a bit more (eg: file::homeDir::darwin is found for a module using file::homedir, even on a unix platform). can also run as a static analyser, but calls cpanplus (?!) which is slow.
  • module::info - regex based
  • module::cpants::generator::prereq - parses makefile.pl, where i want sthg that parses actual code
  • module::cpants::kwalitee::prereq - parse meta.yml, makefile.pl or build.pl
so, no module was doing exactly what i wanted... since i am using ppi and that module::extract::use does the same, i contacted brian d foy to see whether he would be interested in additional extractions (moose roles, base classes, etc.) for this module. he was, so those enhancements are now pushed on my github clone.

i'm now waiting for a new release of this module with my enhancements, meaning that i can get rid of this part of the code in dzil autoprereq. which was, if you recall, the original goal! :-)

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  1. This is really slick. I know that for me, keeping track of deps can be a big pain in the ass. I always tend to forget that one module I pulled in or that one role that I applied, and it blows up on cpantesters because of the missing dep.

    I will definitely be using this.