cpan2pkg: prettier gui, ready for mageia!

remember cpan2pkg? this is the tool built around cpan2dist to create a native linux package, taking dependencies into account, and integrated with linux distribution repository + buildsystem.

it used to be mandriva only, and curses-based. now that mageia is in full swing mode, i had to port cpan2pkg to support it. and it was a perfect opportunity to clean up the module, and prettify the interface.

here's the result:

on the left, you can see the modules currently being processed, with their status both locally and on the build-system. green means available, and here you can see that moosex::alwayscoerece is being built locally (orange) and is not yet available on mageia (yellow).

note that mageia is fully supported: cpan2pkg will poll the buildsystem status page to follow a module build, and make sure a module is ready before submitting those depending on it.

it is still using poe underneath, but this time with tk. adding support for a platform can be done quite easily - patches welcome!


"magpie fix" also tigthens spec files

following cpanplus backend cleaning, "magpie fixspec" also gained the ability to clean up spec files with trivial %clean section and %defattr definition.

this means that updating a perl package on mageia (with either "magpie up" or "magpie dwim") will also trim the rpm spec file accordingly. neat!

more tightened spec file produced by mageia cpanplus backend

cpanplus::dist::mageia 1.111720 has just been released, with 2 changes:
  • no more %defattr definition
  • no more default %clean section
indeed, rpm will handle those automatically, as dexter mentioned (cf here and here). this way, we'll have spec files a bit more tightened, which is always better from a maintainer pov.