prisk gains its own map format, allowing translations!

till now, games::risk was using map files from jrisk. this allowed me to concentrate on the gui and the game experience without having to tackle everything at once.

being a simple format, it was somehow easy to read the maps... but its simplicity has some drawbacks, and for example it's not possible to translate them. therefore, i finally bit the bullet and implemented a format for prisk. basically, information remains the same (such as the mechanism to determine the current country), with one exception: maps are implemented as perl modules. and this allows the use of gettext and other i18n schemes.

this means that maps are now translatable! french translation is of course provided, but help is needed for other languages... (hint, hint)

of course, i wrote an importer to migrate jrisk maps to new prisk format. i also intend to take this opportunity to create some new perl dists with extra maps.

this prisk release shows also a lot of cleanup in the internals, with a partial migration to moose and moosex::poe. using weak_ref for scalar attributes and a tied hash::noref to cache objects allowed to use circular references without having to deal with their problems. finally, prisk is now deferring some module loading to runtime, leading to a faster startup. the changes are plenty, so now is a good time to give it a try! (after v3.112590 has hit your nearest mirror of course)

future releases will continue to see code cleanups and migration to moose. prisk also finally has a configuration system to save user preferences - i "just" need to use this system throughout the code. some dialogs needs also to migrate to prisk's look&feel (thanks tk::role::dialog), and i have some ideas to improve the artificial intelligences & better use poe. not counting other game modes to take into account... oh well, let's say that prisk will keep me busy quite some time! :-)