activity in git plugin for dist-zilla

it's been a busy week for dist-zilla-plugin-git...

first, there was some test fixes to work with latest dist-zilla (thanks to ricardo), and also to support git 1.7.

the git plugin then saw support for annotated tags which is now the default - but christopher madsen restored the possibility to use lightweight tags. he then refactored commit message generation, in order to allow a custom commit message. not only that, but he also brought to ability to specify which files are allowed to be dirty, and automatically committed.

then david golden jumped in, and scratched his itches: support for empty lines in changelog and possibility to specify which branch(es!) to push to. all of that with new tests - and some existing test fixes! \o/

git support in dist-zilla is now in a pretty good shape. report bugs if you miss your pet-peeve... or even better: fork the code and send me pull requests once the code is doing what you want!

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  1. Nit: I added support for multiple remotes, not for specifying which branch to push to. It still assumes tracking branches are set up properly for each remote. I keep a private git repo as 'origin' and mirror things to github for public use, so I wanted a double push on release.

    -- dagolden