how to obsolete a cpan dist?

my autoprereq plugin for dist-zilla is now going core. however, it's currently existing as a dist of its own within cpan... since the module does not change name, what is needed to make sure rjbs can upload dzil v2 when it's ready? is giving co-maint rights on pause enough? will i have to remove previous tarballs?

the same kind of question can be asked for obsoleting a given module. there's (afaik) no way to tell cpan / cpanplus that foo::bar is replacing bar::foo... those problems are tackled for linux distribution packages, could we reuse some of their logic here?


  1. Ricardo will need comaint, and the version of the module in the dzil core dist will need to be larger then the current version of the module in the standalone dist.

    There's no need to remove the old tarballs of the standalone dist, but it also won't hurt to do it once the module is indexed as being part of dzil itself.

  2. Make sure you pass the *maint* bit, not just assign co-maint - otherwise he won't be able to hand out co-maint to the entire Dist::Zilla dist at once.

    -- mst