further prisk enhancements

imagine a world map. now show me on the map where china is - easy, uh? where is irkustk? tougher, isn't it? but it remains a region which exists in our world... now imagine we have another map in front of us... a map named godstorm for example... where is thule? or poseidonis?

those questions aren't rethorical, when playing prisk. because, when you exchange 3 cards to get reinforcements, you also get bonuses if you exchange a card representing a country that you own. and if it's easy to check at a glance if you own china when playing classical risk map, it's another challenge to locate thule on godstorm map.

therefore, i'm glad to introduce latest prisk version (3.101510, currently on its way to cpan). in the card window, one can now double-click a card, and this will highlight a country on the big map. this way, you'll know exactly which card to exchange (or what country to invade) in order to maximize your reinforcements. happy invasion!

(remember that i'm always welcoming code contribution or new translations)

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