mst lost his ironman status

as said on his blog, mst lost the ironman competition. i wonder how many of the early joiners still retained their ironman status. i still should be in the competition (although really hard at some times), even if there's no way to tell since the ironman app isn't updated since quite some time.

anyway, i get to cast my vote. i don't really care the hair colour, but the talk bit is more interesting. before you guys start submitting ideas such as why php/ruby/python is far better than perl, remember that:
  1. mst started the challenge to help perl get known. finishing by forcing him to praise another language seems to be against the rules. not even speaking of this not being very classy...
  2. the talk will be heavily advertised (at least in the perl community). are you sure you want to offer such a gallery for another language?
so i'll cast my vote on a what i will do to advertise perl even more this year talk - hoping this will motivate mst to start another initiative to help promote perl[0]. i'm open to any other talk subject in the same vein. and i'm ready to trade my colour voting[1] for you to vote for such a topic. :-)

so here's my vote, mst!
in the meantime, this does not preclude you to continue blogging...

[0] of course, mst can game the talk by showing a single slide with "nothing" on it, but, that, again, would not be very classy. and mst would not settle on such an easy end, would he?
[1] for the pink or orange fans around there


  1. I was not aware of this ironman competition, but as I read planet mandriva, your posts make me think "Ho, there's a mandriva guy speaking about perl, this language might not be dead..."

  2. Ew, if he opts for transparent clothes :/ .

    If he did his talk about Javascript he could do it without competing directly with Perls turf =).