games::risk speaks your language!

well, maybe not yet, but very soon - as soon as you'll contribute the translated strings! :-)

those days, i feel like working on prisk, the risk clone that i wrote in perl. i added full internationalization, and contributed the first foreign language (french, as you may have guessed :-) ).

you can contribute translations for your language by forking the project, and then sending a pull request with your changes. it should be quite fast, since it only features 73 strings to translate. you know what to do... :-)

note that i also fixed a crash that was appearing sometimes during game startup. i'll now try to find some time to work on bigger topics, such as sanitizing the whole codebase, or adding features...

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  1. This is cool. I just installed it and played one game. I'll add this to the things we can show during the next event.