full pandemic stikes, woohoo \o/

erm, not this pandemic, but the pandemic game written in perl...

so yes, i'm happy to report that milestone 1.01 has been reached. indeed, here's what warrants the bump:
  • infection rate grows as epidemics strike
  • special event: airlift implemented
  • special event: forecast implemented
  • special event: government grant implemented
  • special event: one quiet night implemented
  • special event: resilient population implemented
  • epidemics now shown in past cards
yup, this means the game is fully playable. i'm not saying fully implemented, since there are still stuff missing such as the medic or dispatcher roles, the possibility to choose the difficulty, number of players, etc. and of course lots of polishing is needed to get rid of all those peksy details that get in the way.

however, all in all, i'm quite happy (and proud) of the release. version 1.0 is definitely not the ultimate one, it only means that you can play with it with comfidence.

of course, i'm always eager to have (constructive) feedback2 on it. and if you want to contribute, well, the source is available on github.

[1] in fact, it's 1.000000 (i know it's ugly) since i'm switching to rjbs' versioning scheme: 1.yydddn3. it'll make versioning boring (even if not beautiful).
[2] fan & love mail is ok too :-)
[3] yes, i'm taking every bad habit rjbs has to offer, as long as it helps my laziness. of course, games-pandemic is using the excellent dist-zilla since the beginning.

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