cpan activity

the 2009.1 version of the mandriva linux distribution will be released rsn.

once this happens, i'll be able to update the rpm packages for which i'm responsible. indeed, to polish the release, mandriva was in version freeze for the last 45 days. that is, we contributors were not allowed to upload a new upstream version of a package - unless we can prove it's a bugfix version only.

but i digress, let's get back to this blog entry. i'm responsible for 86 packages within mandriva, most of them being perl cpan modules. and what's interesting, is that during this month & a half of forced inactivity, 19 of them have been updated. in fact, some of them have seen more than one cpan release.

19 packages updated out of 86 (20 if you count a new parrot version) during 45 days. around 25%. that's not bad. and it definitely proves that the perl community is still alive!


  1. There is at least one application (not on your list ;-)) what would need update. It is Inkscape what is broken on current 0.46 version. It need to be upgraded right away to newest version (even to SVN version) because now it can not be used on production at all without heavy post processing XML tweaking by hand.

    The bug is know and there has be a patch for it now over 6 months. Mandriva has not patched the stable version with it to make it actually usable.

    Bug is affecting in such way. When you create new object, it gets transparency, usually 100% opaque. But, if you even slighty touch the colors trough sliders (what is usually the only way), object gets only a 245 color instead 255. This means that all objects what you create afterwards, gets 245 and are littlebit transparent. Only way to fix all, is to tweak XML by hand with the XML editor to go all objects trough and set the transparency of 0.9xxxxxx to 1.

  2. @fri13: sorry, i'm not the inkscape packager. (it seems to be pterjean). you'd better report a bug on http://qa.mandriva.com for this.

  3. @Jérôme Quelin: I have discussed about this on IRC #mandriva-cooker and the result was that bug ain't so important. It just is show stopper for graphic artists because it brings too much post-processing.

    Btw, what does "will be released rsn." stand for? rsn=released soon?

  4. @fri13: that's unfortunate - but once again there's nothing i can do. report a bug, even better with a patch. stress the importance of the problem. hopefully pascal will backport a version in updates/ (the tree has been forked for 2009.1)

    and rsn = real soon now