on coders and translators

after reading gabor's latest post, i thought to myself that his proposal can also be reversed...

that is, instead of asking translators for their help (which is fine), let's also propose ourselves pro-actively as translator. i mean, we're a large international community, and we have so much to share rather than just code!

indeed, we are also a human being speaking a given language, before actually being a perl coder...

therefore, i propose myself for some french translations. if you have a project that is in need of french translation, just drop me a line. i don't promise i'll deliver a 100% perfect translation, not even do i promise to deliver it in a given timeframe. but i promise to have a look at it, and try to translate a few strings here and there. and as time goes by, i hope to go through...

so, let's create a pool of translators - who would like to follow?

  • i don't know if the need for translators is really that big, but who knows? maybe it would be the occasion to think about it for your modules, and help i18n to spread in cpan, leading to more perl usage in the end...
  • even if you're french, you can volunteer to spread the load...
  • we could even set up some kind of translation market where we could list applications needing translation, and translators ready to help. from what i've heard, it should be dead easy to set this up with a small catalyst app... (hint, hint)


  1. I can help "spreading the load" with French translations on the Padre project :)

  2. @damien: that's ok for the padre project, i can handle it - by now :-) of course, you can always recheck (and correct) the translations i've done, i'm sure some of them could be better.

    and if there are other projects requesting french translations, then it's good to know we can share this...

  3. Sounds good. Just drop me a mail if you need some help.

  4. If you could help with translating WebGUI into french, it would be great!

    There is an online translation tool at i18n.webgui.org.

  5. @perldreamer: gone through it a bit, french translation now at 33.9%... will continue from time to time.

  6. @Jérôme: thank you very much! I'm curious, what is your opinion of the translation tool?

  7. i18n.webgui.org is a very good tool.
    I can provide French, and a bit of Esperanto.

  8. @perldreamer: that's quite a good tool.

    some things that could be better:
    - better explanation (eg, commit to svn after you're done)
    - allow translators to provide their name, to get credit / reference on who did current translation
    - should we use html codes, or direct accents? i chose to use accents, since users with french locale should have a browser correctly configured for displaying them

    @ofaurax: great! if people could volunteer like that on various projects, state of i18n would sky-rocket...

  9. @Jérôme: I'll check our wiki for recommended workflow, and see if we can't get a link to it.
    As to characters, the translator (and WebGUI) are utf8 safe. No need to enter in HTML codes.
    For credit/reference, for now, please feel free to leave a note in the Translator's Notes. We have a plan to integrate the translation function into WebGUI, so that it can take advantage of the karma system.