some dzil goodness coming

i scratched some itches in dist-zilla, and hopefully the result will be useful to you too... some are rather trivial, while some are more feature-ful.

on the it-s-the-details-that-count front, dzil clean will now remove *~ files lingering in your local copy.

dzil command now accepts a -I argument that adds a directory to perl @INC (same as perl's -I option). which means dzil plugin author can now do:
$ dzil -Ilib release
and release their distribution using the latest version of their plugin...

a new run subcommand has been added, which is doing more or less the following:
$ dzil build
$ rsync -avp My-Project-version/ .build/
$ cd .build
$ perl Makefile.PL # or perl Build.PL
$ make # or ./Build
$ export PERL5LIB=$PWD/blib/lib:$PWD/blib/arch
$ launch command defined by rest of your args
which means you can now do:
$ dzil run ./bin/myscript
$ dzil run prove -l t/unit.t
$ dzil run bash
the first one is specially useful if you're using file::sharedir and don't want to add extra hooks detecting whether it runs in a dev checkout or not.

speaking of sharedir, i crafted a quick'n'dirty implementation that made modulebuild plugin automatically install an existing share directory (which is possible since module::build 0.36). rjbs then re-factored it to use the installdirs plugin. nperez then finalized the work for the makemaker plugin. so if you have a share directory, it will now be automatically recognized as such by dzil and installed accordingly.

rjbs just released a new version of dist-zilla with those enhancements (and other stuff).

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