stats about cpan modules shipped by mandriva

adam and gabor asked me about some information on what cpan modules are shipped as rpm packages by mandriva... i finally found some time to work on it and produced ordb::cpan::mandriva.

this module is basically a sqlite database replicated automatically by orlite::mirror. using it is very simple - for example, couting the cpan dists shipped by mandriva is achieved by the following snippet:

(fyi, the result is 1899 as of writing, +1 since i just imported the module itself)

at module use time, it will automatically download (and cache for a week) the sqlite database. and one can then use the module as an ordb for this db... the module does not however produces the stats for you - so alias & gabor, now is your turn to work! :-) i'm waiting for your top-100 most wanted mandriva or whatever crazy stats you'll want to produce.

the database itself is generated by module::packaged::generator. this module uses different drivers depending on the current linux distribution (but nothing prevents *bsd to also have a driver) it runs on. only mandriva is supported currently, but ryan will work on a debian driver. all other contributions are most welcome - the code is on github: fork it and send me pull requests!

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