app::cpan2pkg 0.4.1 released

now that padre is working again on mandriva, i've been able to make some progress on cpan2pkg...

as explained in a previous post, version 0.4.0 of app::cpan2pkg was providing the basis to completely generate and install local packages.

so, the changelog for 0.4.1 is pretty straightforward:
  • storing when a module is complete
  • build module when all prereqs have been built & installed
  • better prereqs extraction
i had the, ahem, pleasure (for a given definition of pleasure) to discover that cpan2dist is pretty dumb in its arguments parsing.

option --nobuildprereqs does not work as one might think - it really means: "don't rebuild prereqs if they are at latest version, but rebuild anyway if we're not at latest version". yeah, right, i'm stuffing --nobuildprereqs but please rebuild them anyhow if you want...

so i cheated and wanted to use the --ignore option of cpan2dist, but somehow, using a regex with look-behind assertion such as /(?<!$name)$/ does not seem to work - while it is working as intended when testing it on various strings. sigh.

anyway, i've managed to go through this. and this means that the local part of cpan2pkg is complete!

so, now i can work on upstream package importing. and maybe on some mechanism to prevent 50+ processes to be launched at the same time, for modules with a lot of prereqs... but that's, as they say, refinment! :-)

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