spoiled by padre

a few revisions ago, padre (the perl ide) introduced unicode specificities in wxwidgets.

unfortunately, the perl wx bindings shipped by mandriva are not unicode-aware. in fact, even if the wxwidgets library shipped is unicode capable, the perl bindings were specifically building against the ansi version. the bug has been reported and should be fixed soon.

however, in the meantime, i'm back to using something else than padre... and this sucks! no easy module profiling, no on-the-fly syntaxic checking, etc.

sure, those things could be introduced in my replacement editor (vim). however, they do not feel as natural as those features are in padre.

sure, padre has still a long way to go before matching some features available elsewhere... but it already has features that i can't live without when coding perl. and this is quite incredible when you think how yound padre is...

boy, i wish my padre will be back soon! :-)

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