cpan2pkg now interacts with upstream buildsystem

as you're reading those lines, app::cpan2pkg 0.5.0 is propagating on cpan.

the changes are quite interesting, since it allows cpan2pkg to go from local build to upstream buildsystem:
  • importing package upstream
  • submitting package upstream
  • waiting for user confirmation when package is available on upstream build system
warning, though: currently, it doesn't take the module requirements into account before submitting a module on upstream build system. this will be fixed in next version.

but it's quite an achievement... just running "cpan2pkg Foo::Bar" will build the package with all its prereqs, install them locally, import them in upstream repository, and submit them on upstream build system. (i know, i know, only mandriva is supported as of today.)

all in all, this means that i'm nearing v1.0.0. all the basic pieces are now in place, and it's just a matter of re-ordering things, adding a couple of conditions, some fixmes to deal with... and some cleaning. a lot in fact! :-) stay tuned.

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