new distzilla plugin: prepender

when i first heard of dist::zilla, its concepts definitely appealed to me. it took me quite some time (never the good time, plus i needed to create the rpms for mandriva), but i finally managed to try it...

and although i still need to get used to it, i'm already really happy with it. on the new project that i recently started (more on that later on), i'm letting dist::zilla deal with all those pesky copyright, version, pod, etc. stuff.

however, i'm used to add some boilerplate at the top of my files, as the fsf recommends. and i found nothing in dist::zilla to do that... so i just wrote a new plugin for it: dist::zilla::plugin::prepender.

just add the following in your dist.ini file:
line = #
line = # This file is part of Foo::Bar
line = #
line = # Foo::Bar is copyright...
but it can also be used to enforce some common pragma: since it will be inserted at the top of the file, the pragma will be applied to its lexical scope - the whole file itself in this case:
line = use strict;
line = use warnings;
since those usages are quite common, i might as well in a future version propose them as options:
copyright = 1
strict = 1
warnings = 1
but i'm not really sure... wdyt?


  1. Copyright would be useful. Adding strict and warnings at dist build time makes no sense. You're going to want those present for your tests.

  2. @autarch: well, they would also be present for tests, since they are also handled by dist-zilla using "dzil test"