where are builtin tk icons? (aka tk::toolbar fun)

for everything gui related, my favorite toolkit is tk. it's quite powerful, easy to learn and to use, and feels quite perlish [0]. in a word, it doesn't get in the way.

yeah, of course, current version is not the most up to date [1][2] - but it gets the job done, with the help of some nice tk additional modules available on cpan.

one of those modules is tk::toolbar, from ala qumsieh. and it comes with a set of bundled icons that are loaded. they may not be the prettiest icons out there, but they are available and allow you to do something like [3]:
$mw->Label( -image => 'fileopen16' )->pack;
instead of having to create & load the images yourself.

knowing this, when i needed to add an icon in my new project (yes, yes, i need to present it here), i loaded tk::toolbar in my code, and re-used one of the bundled images.

well, that was my goal anyway - the image never appeared... i tried to tweak my code in every direction, but did not manage to make this icon appear.

having rebuild perl-tk package yesterday to fix a bug in mandriva's package, i thought it might be related... so i tried to run a perl/tk gui provided in one of my other modules using tk::toolbar's icons, but the icons were correctly displayed. so long for this idea...

after having fought 5 minutes, i finally managed to understand what was going on: in this new project, i currently do not have created the toolbar. and since the icons are loaded in the classinit() method, called during the creation of the first widget of this particular class, the icons were not loaded...

so i created a toolbar [4], and miracle! the icon i wanted magically appeared.

tricky one...

[0] contrary to wxwidgets for example - at least imnsho
[1] i'm using plain tk 804.028 and not one of those tk ersatz tcl::tk [5] or tkx [6]
[2] slaven told me he would like to update it when he'll have some tuits...
[3] tk allows you to name the images you load, to do for example:
$mw->Photo( "foo", -file=>"path/to/some/image.jpg" );
[... later on ...]
$mw->Label( -image => "foo" )->pack;

[4] i'll populate the toolbar later on
[5] which is far from complete, and does not seem to be maintained anymore
[6] which doesn't compile easily out of the box, and feels really clumsy after tk goodness. oh well, i guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

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