some befunge love

i took some time to review my befunge modules. trying to speed up things is always fun, so thanks to devel::nytprof, i saw that i was spending quite some time on my debug statements.

it should be noted that those statements were method calls on the main language::befunge::interpreter object. and the method then was outputing things depending on the value of a debug attribute of the interpreter. the interpreter was not used outside of this.

knowing that method calls are expensive (since perl doesn't know until run-time where to find the method), i therefore created a language::befunge::debug module that exports a debug() sub. 2 other subs are provided (but not exported) to turn on/off the debug. (there's a trick here, that i will explain in another post).

net result? around 20% speedup (a bit more in fact). not bad for one hour spent on the subject. :-)

other than that, language::befunge tests got sanitized (using test::more, test::output and test::exception everywhere instead of crafting stuff by hand). part of this code was not touched since 2002...

finally, language::befunge got some new extensions, still passing all mycology tests. you can now enjoy the following in jqbef98:
  • CPLI - complex numbers extension
  • DIRF - directory operations
  • FILE - file i/o operations
  • FIXP - fixed point operations
  • STRN - string operations
  • SUBR - subroutines extension
  • TIME - date/time operations
some of them were pretty difficult to get right, if you forget some befunge basis (note to self: the storage offset is here for a reason, dammit!).

which leaded me to update language::befunge::debugger to load mycology correctly, with a new option to run without delay till the next breakpoint. using it, things were easier to get right. still not perfect, but already more than usable...

so, enjoy language::befunge 4.11 and language::befunge::debugger 0.3.6, now available on cpan!

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