pandemic turns implemented

so games::pandemic 0.5.0 is now released[0].

the basic game play is now done: besides the player actions, the cards are now dealt and infections propagated. card limit is also implemented, so player can discard them if needed. add to that a bit of ui polishing, and we now have a solid basis on which to build upon...

next releases will see (in no special order):
  • the special cards (including the epidemics)
  • end of game conditions (both game-over and win cases)
  • more ui polishing (i think the players cards will have their own toplevel)
  • easier game play (drag-n-drop on the canvas)
  • missing player features (dispatcher, medic)
  • missing rule implementation (disease eradication, ...)
  • start game dialog
  • etc.
yup, that's still a lot to do, so expect other 0.x versions! ;-)

[0] and without any more warnings, since i spotted a bug in moosex::semiaffordanceaccessor which has been swiftly fixed!

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