prettyfying tk apps

one of the main griefs people have against tk is the fact that it looks ugly. however, it's possible to tremendously enhance tk with only one line. indeed, tk by default uses a 2 pixels wide border, which does look fugly.

here's a snapshot of config::model (used as an example):

now, try to insert the following line in your code:
$mw->optionAdd('*BorderWidth' => 1);

here's the result, still using config-model as guinea pig:

look at how the buttons are crisper... now that's better, uh? :-)

thanks to ala qumsieh who first reported this tip on perltk.org - but the site seems to be down nowadays.

note: i'm told that tk 8.5 can be themed and looks native. but i'm still using perl/tk which is build against tk 8.4

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