perl helps save world pandemic

ok, maybe the title was a bit too much dramatic - especially in those days. :-)

i like playing board games, and my wife and i discovered recently pandemic, from z-man games. it is a tremendous cooperative game, where players allies to eradicate 4 diseases. but the infections spread out, and if you aren't fast enough, you end up with a global pandemic - and loose...

it is really addictive, so i decided to write a perl module games::pandemic implementing a clone of this board game, with all its rules. it was also a good occasion to learn moose, dist::zilla and other modern perl stuff. at least, this goal is already fulfilled! :-)

i'm also using poe and tk (i know, i know). i just published the first public release, version 0.4.0. it already implements all the player actions, and here's a snapshot of a game:

of course it isn't finished, but i'm pretty happy of the result (even if the gui might change in the future). i aim for a v1.0.0 playable alone, and then allow networked game...

the code is available on github if you want to help - even "only" translating strings is welcome!

so, expect to hear more about pandemic on this blog. and while waiting for this perl version to be complete, i recommend you to buy a pandemic board game: you won't regret it...


  1. I wonder why Milan and not Rome ;)

  2. @palin: i just took the names from the board game. however, i think that the cities differ depending on the country edition... and games::pandemic supports multiple maps, so you can roll your own with roma if you want! :-)

  3. Really good idea! I'll try to translate to portuguese...

  4. Does the game really require 5.10? I'm back to 5.8.9 because of the performance regressions with 5.10.0.

  5. @devin: thanks for the support

    @zezinho: great. the code is available on github, feel free to clone & push your translation. or send them by mail.

    @drew: i'm requiring 5.10 since i'm using some new perl idiosyncracies. and since 5.10.1 should be out soon, without the performance regressions.

  6. i think that the cities differ depending on the country edition... and games::pandemic supports multiple maps

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